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Giving up 'Independence'...

('Independence' being the make of Peugeot 106)


I feel that I've also been on a filtering course whislt david's been away- have spent the day packing once again and trying to filter out more of our rubbish and clutter... have appointed the Logistics Manager, captain shiv, to help plan tomorrow, which entails lots of giving back items to people at church, storing a coffee table in someone's garage, giving over the car to Michael, catching up on a backlog of the En Route course.. and then making my way to le hotel Edith& Rodney before the flight on Monday.
Had a lovely week back at Loretto, in some ways I wish I hadn't gone back as it was sad to say goodbye again and remember how much I enjoyed it, but it was also good to catch up and see my old pupils, all grown up in year 2.. had to take an assembly on Friday which was pretty daunting, especially when the selected appropriate photos of africa which were to come up on the big screen instead turned into a slideshow of all of my photos on my memory stick... Thankfully stopped it before it became too embarrassing..

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Limbo dancing

(Well, I wish it was that exciting)


Not to be outdone by David's interesting hands- on experiences in the USA.. life in Edinburgh continues in a strange limbo time of seeing people, nannying, saying lots of goodbyes, having lots of redirected mail to open and sort out, and packing once again to move to Kirsty's on Friday.

Will be going to the school on Friday that I used to work at, to speak at assembly to link in with the Harvest theme so need to think of 'infant friendly' ideas to portray our plans...

The En Route course is really interesting and surprisingly personal and applicable- last week was on personality types and team dynamics, I had thought it would be much more theory based. However, it does take up a big chunk of time and the deadlines on Wed and Sun seem to come round very quickly.
Not having much joy with skype or phoning David, have reverted to facebook chat, not ideal but better than nothing!

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