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May 2012

Bye Bye

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We have left the UK now, in case you wonder why you haven't had a text or phonecall recently or why we haven't been in touch about going out for a starbucks

Here is a video of Amelie at the airport at Terminal 5, Heathrow waving goodbye to you all. Little does she know that after a night's sleep, she will wake up in a completely different culture, a new place and new people to get to know. Hopefully, she will thrive in it all. Taking our small toddler to a developing country where things are a lot more 'rough and ready' explains to a great degree my reluctance in going away. There are many more challenges to everyday life than iin the UK and I will be teaching Amelie not to go into the long grass where the snakes could be... We will be covering her in mossie spray in the evenings... We will be filtering clean water for her (and us)... We will be lathering her in sunscreen before she goes out in the tropical sun.

We appreciate your support and prayers as we go. Knowing we have friends and family who are behind us and supportive is really a huge encouragement! ... and helps us realise we aren't actually mad...

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Hello Uganda...!

'Pack and Go'

Amelie’s travel cot is one of the ‘Pack and Go’ type, and I can’t help wishing our life would be that easy… We have pretty much completed our packing with 24 hours to spare, and my parents may even get their dining room (our packing room) back before the extended family come to eat this evening.

helping to pack

helping to pack

hooray, empty drawers

hooray, empty drawers

packed car

packed car

I guess when you are going anywhere, there is so much to do practically that there is not much time or energy left to think through anything emotionally, (which may be just as well) and it is only now, hiding away quietly in a cluttered study (my Dad’s clutter, not ours, this time) with a cup of tea, I take a deep breath and think ‘What are we doing’?! A question we have been asked many times recently. My old school friend asked me the other day ‘what exactly is your mission?’ and it has been mulling over in my mind since… I suppose in a nutshell our ‘mission’ is the same as it is here- to share the love we have received with the people we meet in Uganda in practical ways. Easier said than done though, and I fear this blog will be more like ‘confessions of a missionary’ than anything else.

First confession:
travelling about and packing does nothing (positive) for our marital relations. We can’t wait to be settled, unpacked and in a normal routine, after seemingly months of travelling about.

Second confession:
Although others can look and think that somehow we are different and have some sort of ‘super strength’ to be doing this, we are definitely very human and have been guilty of acting in unkind and stressed out ways. I don’t think this type of moving round and change is really ‘normal’ for anyone (unless you’re a traveller or a refugee, I guess, although it isn’t a refugees’ choice, really, is it)?

Third confession:
we feel pretty scared with all the uncertainty and change ahead

Well, better pack and go...

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