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(When the main water supply runs out and other frustrations)

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There is not much sweeter than the sound (or smell) of a flushing toilet after 6 days of a broken water pipe. In some sort of weird irony, whilst blog-hogger David has been away on a course on 'Water and Sanitation', I have been seeing first- hand the frustrations of not having water, and have seen my own sanitation rapidly go downhill. I hadn't expected that the lack of water would put me in such a bad mood, but I've been so cranky over the last few days, and I'm sure the waterless issue is a major contributor. The pipe may (or ... most likely, may not) be fixed by the end of the week, so I have started to buy water from a young guy who brings a cart of black jerry cans around the estate. We see these guys around the town, lugging these ridiculously heavy loads up the gradual hills, trying to dodge traffic and potholes, pulling the wooden carts in the same way that a donkey would (or should in this case?). I feel a mix of emotions every time I see them, as I think it is the closest thing I have ever seen to slave labour, and then I watch incredulously at their muscles and beads of sweat pouring down their faces. The guy today was no exception, really strong and helpful, I couldn't believe that the water from each jerry can (slightly disconcertingly in an old 'sulphuric acid' container..) costs the equivalent of 10p, including the man's labour.

So, the good news is, our toilets have been flushed, (although a bit depressing to see all that precious water going in one fell swoop- but only temporarily depressing as I look at a nice clean loo) I have done the backload of washing up, and got rid of the ants who were taking over the kitchen, and hopefully have enough water for the lovely lady, Pamela, who helps with the hand washing on Wednesdays. And, even more excitingly, I am travelling to meet David for the remainder of the 'Water and Sanitation' training tomorrow, and he tells me (not rubbing it in, of course...) that there are hot showers in the accomodation... bliss.
Dr Roger (the man) has agreed to house sit whilst we're away- feel that he gets a bit of a rotten deal with the current water situation but hey, he can play with Dr Roger (the cat) as a consolation.

I'm looking forward to a bit of a break as my patience has been wearing thinner and thinner recently, and during the last few days small things have annoyed me, like waiting almost 2 hours for a taxi, who keeps saying 'I'm coming, I'm just there...' (well, you're clearly NOT).. and the constant 'hey white girl, buy a bag/ bananas/ watch/ whatever' so I will take my sugar sacks and oil paints and hopefully make some more school resources, and brush up on my Luo for the test next week- (2 aims for the test, beat my previous score of 35%, and beat gloating David)
oh, and shower to my hearts content :-)

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