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managing to land on my feet and land a car for my travels...!

Well, Ive made it into the US of A!! I was nervous of the border control, wondering what they thought of my big hair and the time spent in Holland and all, but the guy was surprisingly friendly...Ive entered the land of the free!
I had a long wait in Atlanta for my Asheville flight and I spent that time American watching. The thing that struck me the most were the Christian books for sale under the title "Inspirational books". Wow, those things sell in normal shops?! Somehow, it seemed like everyone was a big happy family on the Asheville flight. Before getting on that flight a lady gave me her card as she is a lecturer at an Asheville university and told me about the Scots students there telling me to visit. I was chatting to the guy sitting next to me who was from California visiting his girlfriend studying in Asheville. As I was speaking to him, the lady in front of me took a keen interest. She got involved in the conversation because she heard of the well drilling training and everything. Her son did that type of thing in Malawi. Anyway, she is a Christian as are so many in this part of the world it seems (there are at least a couple of Christian radio stations and churches everywhere...). So she gave me her number in case I needed a place to stay while I'm here.
I got picked up at the airport by the director and founder of Equip who told me why he set it up. He grew up in Scotland by the way and so many Americans have told me with excitement about their grandparents or some teeny part of their ancestry being Scottish or Scotch... The guy was saying that so many missionaries went out from the States and only lasted a year or 2 because they just weren't ready for the incredible difficulty of basic life where they went. So he set about helping people learn how to skin rabbits and wring chickens necks and use a long drop. Fun times. I think they could have added other courses such as how to defend yourself against armed robbers or muggers and how to survive in war zones... Equip doesn't teach people things like milking goats anymore and washing clothes in streams, but it does do well-drilling and water filtration and sanitation courses among others - things I will be learning. I'm excited about getting practical hands-on training.
We are in the boondocks (as they say here) - the middle of nowhere- in the Blue Mountains in the Appalachians, rolling forested mountain land. Quite pleasant country. On Saturday, though, I felt totally isolated with no one around and no way of getting anywhere. So I called up Victoria - the eavesdropping lady on the plane. She came all the way out to pick me up and I stayed over in an apartment on next to their home. It was incredible hospitality and kindness! I watched American football with her son and his friend who both play and got all the rules explained to me.
I went with the family to their church this 'Lordsday'. I couldnt believe what I ended up in... a closed brethern assembly! I couldnt take communion as I have no letter of commendation and a New Kings James was thrust into my hand along with a olde hymnal. Thou hast better wear a head covering if thou beist a woman. Fascinating, but weird. I didnt like it at all. I really want to leave that exclusive religion behind. I fail to sense God there. And everyone wanted to know my denomination. I told people that I don't have one. Another thing - they hate Obama for some reason. They were very kind, though and treated me to pizza at Franks in Asheville. They were very welcoming too.
And then - I couldnt believe it - I was lent a car for the 3 weeks Im here! What incredible trust and generosity! I really am amazed by Victoria and her family and their openess to share their lives with me. Wow! The car will be such a help to explore and see the surroundings a bit. I am hoping to go and watch the son Benjamin play his football game on Friday night, but I dont think I will go back to the church....

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