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Tony Blair and the Tiger in Wildwood

Pumpkin pie and candy corn

rain 15 °C

It has been the wettest autumn here in St Louis since records began and is the big news that everyone is talking about. Today was dry, though so we were able to see a few sights. St Louis is the 'gateway to the West' - where pioneer settlers would stock up their carriages and water their horses for the journey into the new territories to the west of the Mississippi. I never knew there was so much history in America! (It all happened 20 years ago...). I found it fascinating to think that the modern, massive, automobile-focussed, mall-maniac society of over 300 million people has only been built up so recently and it was only a couple of hundred years ago when all this land was still to be explored! As you can tell, Em and I were at a museum - the museum of Westward Expansion. I find it quite sad to see how the Native Americans lost their lands and how they are now so demoralised and living on reserves. It seems that we as people like to subdue and control others for our own means. In Africa this has been such a pattern over the years as well. Anyway, that wasn't where I was going with this...DSC_2634.jpg

DSC_2638.jpgPosing in St Louis

Posing in St Louis

Em and Shayna pose in St Louis

Em and Shayna pose in St Louis

Mike and Shayna took us downtown St Louis where we went to visit the Gateway Arch, the tallest monument in the US at 630 feet. We were able to go up to the very top, a cramped train/tram/fairground carousel thing takes you within the arch up to the views of the city where you can see the local baseball team's stadium and their red bleachers (the Cardinals) as well as the famed Mississippi river. It is always really cool to see a city from above.
Cardinals Stadium from the Air

Cardinals Stadium from the Air

St Louis

St Louis

This morning, we saw Blair Finnegan for breakfast. We went out to Bob Evans, a chain of restaurants (everything is a chain of something bigger here). Blair volunteered at Bethany Christian Centre for a year last year and loved it there and really had a great impact. It was great to see her again. We had visited her the other night at her parent's massive home in Wildwood where we caught up on her time at Bethany and watched the video that she showed her church. It was full of photos of the guys from Bethany that I recognised and reminded me of all the good times there. Her 'mom' made a 'fall' favourite here - pumpkin pie which is spicey and sweet, though never looks very tasty with its muddy colouring. We met Blair's favourite man - her dog Tiger who is very cute and was running round and round the room in an uncontrolled manner. Blair is going to be working in a hostel for homeless youth in St Louis and will be moving from her mansion house and energetic dog soon. It is great to hear her views as they are counter - cultural, she feels that as a Christian she doesn't need to have a large house etc and is willing to go for a simpler life really trying to make a difference.

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I just read Emma's email, and it led me here. Wow, what an experience you are having. It looks like the courses you are doing give you variety. Great. By the way, this is my first attempt at replying to a blog! What happens now!!!!!!!

by Colin Lamb

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