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Friday was an easy day compared to the rest. There was no mud wrestling or mud packs and no well drilling anywhere. A local hill-billy called Dave was brought in to tell us a bit about small engines that we may use on the drill machines. He was very knowledgeable, though hard for us to understand his dixie dialect... "y'awl understan good, y' hear? Thurs three thangs that ye need for an ingin to run good. Fur, ignitine and oxgn " I think that meant that there are 3 things that are necessary for an engine to run well: fire, ignition and oxygen or something like that.
Despite the struggles with this morning class, I managed to blag another certificate for myself... Here is Kieth, who heads up all these courses handing me my certificate.
Sorry, one of my classmates got in the way. Here is another photograph showing me collecting my certificate.

After the course, some of the course mates were leaving on their merry way. Those that stayed behind plotted what to do with the weekend. Some of us are thinking of going hiking (US translation: gentle stroll in the country where most of the walks are suitable for highways of people only able to manage a few steps) on Saturday.

On Friday evening, I had some of the best fun that I have had for a while with some of the guys from the course. We went to an American institution TGI Fridays where I had some decent food, but most of all, a good laugh and relaxation after an intense week. I definitely felt like I could completely let my hair down and was pretty hyper - more so even than normal.
We then drove out to the cinema (or theater) to catch a movie. We ended up seeing Zombieland, a spoof film that I found very funny.
We ended the night at another great American institution Starbucks - or Starbooks as I wanted to call it as it was in a massive bookshop in which we could take the magazines and books off the shelf to read as we drank coffee. It is really weird to see all the gun magazines there and see them all for sale at the back of the magazine as well as see guns for sale in Walmart and hear that it is fine to carry a knife around. It makes me a little more wary of everyone...I'll look at you with a careful eye...

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