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Mud wrestling

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Mud pits are an essential part of the water drilling process, which is great for any pigs that are on your drill team. Generally, I enjoy the slime as well, it reminds me of playing in the mud as a kid.
We drilled 50 feet down today and put down our casing for the well. It is really interesting finding out how a well comes together and is a pretty involved process. By the end of this week, we should have a hand pump installed and the whole thing will be complete!

I really enjoyed my experience today and feel like things are starting to get 'drilled' into my head as well. I have realised that my learning style is best when I actually 'do' the thing I am learning about rather than just reading about it. Now I realise why I would spend hours and hours and hours in the library reading and re-reading something for studies, I don't learn that way at all. Or maybe it's true what they say that I am Geico the caveman...

The other discovery I made about myself today is that working outside with my hands getting pretty muddy and solving big issues like water problems is something I really like. I think I wasted years of my life sitting inside watching a computer screen or studying books....

I finally had the courage and time to try another run tonight as we had finished drilling early. This time I took another route which seemed to have less houses and so less potential for the red nex wild guard dogs. I followed local advice and took a stick just in case, which made me feel like a warrior running with a spear. There were a few dogs, inevitably, but the route seemed to mainly have little dogs on it - and only 2 really chased me - one little fluffy one who limped (who was maybe just chasing me down for some hair products advice), and a small yapping thing around my ankles.

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Hello David and Emma, We have just caught up with your bloggs. Very interesting and entertaining. Good that you have a car for the 3 weeks. Congratulations to you both on Emma's birthday! Will try to catch up with you on face-book.

Love Dad and Mum

by Douglas Craig

Hi David, Glad you're enjoying holes in the ground! I thought digging in the mud would be right up your street and it looks like I was right! It sounds like you are having a whale of a time - great photos too....love Kirsty

by kirsty

That sounds amazing, I can't quite describe how jealous I am. Git...

Have fun!


by Andy Wall

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