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Making a mountain out of an anthill

I remember when we were in Kisumu 2 years ago and were trying to learn Kiswahili and we were learning about how the greetings were literally translated were about 'the news'. The news from the family, the news from home, the news of the weather, the news of work, the animals, the children etc etc.
..In the last few days I have come to appreciate why the literal translation is so relevant in this culture...
Bighair and the team left at 4am on Monday morning, on a long and bumpy journey to an ungoogleable remote place in S Sudan somewhere in the mountains.

It turns out it is so remote that phone signal cannot be found, other than walking miles to an anthill and perching in a funny position and then picking up a bar of signal if you're lucky. Needless-to-say, I hadn't heard from Bighair for a day or 2 (although it felt longer than that!) and was quite simply, desperate for news. News on anything really, the weather, the location, their sleeping arrangements, whether anyone had been bitten by jiggers yet, the team dynamics, the community, their activities, and of course, to share me and Amelie's (less interesting) news (potty taining updates, new words, our local outreach schedule etc etc.)

But yesterday David managed to give the driver a letter packed with news which was great to read, and picture life there a bit- a super dodgy border crossing, a few near road accidents, a long hike, and a remote mountain tribe in desperate poverty drinking copious amounts of home brewed beer. It made me miss David and the team, and really hope that whilst they are there, they can be bringers of good news to the people there, whether through practical actions, or relationships, or dramas or whatever.



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Great to hear the update! Home brew and dodgy border crossings--sounds sort of familiar. Hope you and Amelie are getting on okay. Praying for you! Love, Denise

by Denise

good to read and catch up... was thinking of the three of you today!

by Steve Ludwig

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