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Monstrous Moments

(and time in the Wilderness)

I can’t believe we’ve survived the lecture phase! We finished the 12 -week lecture phase today, and start our ‘Outreach’ phase next week.
This means the end of what has slowly become a ‘typical’ day here:
The Gong

The Gong

...gongs to announce the communal meal of posho, rice, beans and green, the end to each day in our classroom, with our African classmates who either look incredibly bored and disengaged, or have very very long personal or third party stories…




and the end of tieless interpreters for our deaf classmates

This week is the end of our community work duties, slashing, DSC_0008.jpg caption cleaning the latrines, and also the end of dormitory life here, where our neighbours sit outside our window making tea and toast on a tiny paraffin stove, talking loudly late into the night…

weird antics of our neighbours

weird antics of our neighbours

It sounds clichéd but these three months have really challenged and stretched us in many many ways. Amelie has a great story called ‘When Mum Turned into a Monster’, unsurprisingly about a mum who gets increasingly stressed and on each page develops a long green tail, claws, bulging eyes etc, until at the end she is a fire breathing monster, who slumps onto the chair and sobs to her children, ‘I’ve become a monster’.


In some ways I feels that this period has turned me into a monster (especially at night time when the neighbours talk loudly outside our window…) But then, more encouragingly, this week we were reminded in class about how Jesus’ time in the Wilderness was his preparation time, and how it is often in the ‘wilderness times’ that we grow. Maybe, alongside our monstrous moments, this has also been a time of preparation...
Preparation to understand Ugandans and this culture better. Preparation to look at ourselves and see how we function (or don’t function well) in teams, preparation to see how we resolve conflict and preparation I guess for whatever the next chapter brings…

Amelie and lovely Lilian, the nanny

Amelie and lovely Lilian, the nanny

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Congrats on making it through the 12 week DTS! Praying for you as you move onto the Outreach phase. Love you! D.

by Denise

Yeah, well done you two! Learning through all the ups and downs, may you continue to know His grace in the challenges ahead! Lots of love, P&P xxx

by Pete & Paula Phillips

Guess that's why God puts us alongside other Christians ... To help our growth!!!

by Eve

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